Topmost Reasons To Go On A Yoga Vacation In India

Topmost Reasons To Go On A Yoga Vacation In India
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Yoga was given birth to over 5000 years ago as a practice to unite the mind, body, and soul. Over the past few years, yoga has become quite popular among people of all age groups. For example, more than 36.7 million people in the United States practice yoga regularly.

Yoga practitioners who have incorporated yoga in their lives don't just practice in yoga studios, they have also started going on yoga holidays, joining spiritual retreats, and visiting India - the birthplace of the very practice.

There are very few things and places that can transform a person – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to cleanse the mind, body, and soul. And going on a yoga vacation is the perfect excuse to completely evolve as an individual in all of these aspects.

Top 5 Reasons To Go On A Yoga Vacation

Mentioned below are the topmost reasons which will set your mind to go on a yoga vacation in India.



  • Learn Yoga From Traditional Gurus

    Outside of India, the practice of yoga has been molded according to the needs and requirements of the practitioners. It is often seen as an alternative for the gym or an aerobic workout session. But yoga holds much more importance than just being a form of physical exercise. One of the best advantages of learning yoga from its birthplace is that you get to learn it from traditional yoga instructors.

    The teachings of yoga received from traditional places emphasize spiritual elevation, breath control, meditation, and the art of shifting gracefully from one yoga asana to another. Learning yoga from traditional yoga gurus in a low-pressure environment is a wonderful way to feel encouraged and empowered from inside.

  • Meet People From All Across The Globe

    One of the biggest advantages that you get at a yoga retreat is that you get to meet people from all across the world. For example, in the year 2016, Isha Foundation was attended by 2000 people from around 30 different countries, all under the same roof, eating the same sattvic food, and adopting the same teachings of yoga. Meeting different people on a yoga vacation gives you the chance to socialize and create bonds that stay with you for a lifetime.

  • Clear Your Mind Free of Clutter

    Whether you are a teenager, single, married, or a divorcee, whether you are a student or a successful businessman, often it is hard to keep the mind away from all the noise and clutter in the world. Anyone who has brutally been honest with themselves might have noticed their mind filled with unwanted stress and worry due to the humdrum of regular life.

    This is where taking a break and going to a yoga retreat comes into the picture. Going to a yoga retreat allows you to step back from all your responsibilities for some time and clear your mind from the noise and chatter of thoughts. Clearing your mind makes you focus more and that gives birth to a more creative and productive you.

  • Eat Much Healthier Than Before

    More than half of the yoga retreat in India, especially the small and less commercialized ones grow their fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If you are fortunate enough to go to one of these places, you'll be served with the most delicious as well as healthy food 3 times a day.

    The vast majority of yoga retreats in India provide vegetarian food. However, certain retreats offer non-vegetarian cuisines. So, you do not have to worry about becoming a pure vegetarian if you want to join a yoga retreat. There are various options available.

  • Make An Escape From Your City Life

    The best yoga retreats are located in rural areas or on the outskirts of big cities, away from all the noise and pollution. Going on a yoga vacation opens the doors for you to leave your city life and its responsibilities behind. Although, if certain emergencies arise, few yoga retreats offer internet connection to solve this little problem too.

If you get the opportunity to have a trip to India, do not let it go in vain. Trust me, visiting India will be one of the best trip experiences of your life.

And as cliché as it might sound, life is short without any doubt. When you look back, it won't be the work, assignments, or deadlines that you remember, it is the relations, the adventures, the exploration, and the pivotal decisions you took that will be remembered.


So, do not say NO to this 'one' glorious adventure of your life.

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