How to recognize a soul mate: 5 clues to avoid making mistakes!

How to recognize a soul mate: 5 clues to avoid making mistakes!
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The other half of the apple, the right man or woman made just for you, really exists. It is in the world, well hidden among millions and millions of people but it exists. The point is: will you know how to recognize it?

The soul mate is not a legendary and mythological figure that someone says they met once in their life. A soul mate is a person made especially for you. The one with which things work, with which love is simple and spontaneous, the one with which you can really show yourself as you are without pretending. Finding it is not that difficult. By continuing to read you will discover the 5 infallible clues that will allow you to recognize your soul mate as soon as your eyes meet. Provided, however, that you are objective and not be guided by the desire to want someone next to you at all costs. In love it is always good not to have expectations that are impossible to achieve and keep your feet on the ground... to be really surprised!

When will i meet my soul mate?

when will i find my soulmate astrology

Tired of being single? Every day you wait for the great love to arrive but for now nothing has changed yet? You have never been lucky in love, you have had a long series of broken relationships: betrayals, disappointments and lies.

When will I finally find love? What's wrong with me? Why can't I find the right person and why do my romantic relationships always fall apart sooner or later? You are tired of being alone and the failures in love begin to weigh and make you sick. It's time to put an end to this and move on!

When Will I Meet My Soulmate Astrology? Will I meet the love of my life or will I have to wait longer? Are you tired of seeing that everyone except you has already found the person of their dreams ...

It is precisely in these moments of strong melancholy and indecision that you would need someone to clear the clouds and give you hope in the future. The astrologers, fortune tellers, psychics and mediums are ready to give you an answer and put an end to your suffering.

Trust your intuition

Instinct is a very important part of our personality. And if when you meet someone you find yourself thinking that you really want to get to know them better and spend time with them, well, it's fair to ask why. Pay close attention to this wake-up call! When you meet your soul mate it is very likely to feel familiar from the first moments: if this is what you feel there is a good chance that this relationship can continue. You know when from the first date you feel that this person has always been part of your life ? And maybe after only 3 days you already understand each other without simply speaking with a glance? Here, we understood each other then!

Enjoy some healthy competition

The clash in a relationship is fundamental because it ignites love and teaches not to take anything for granted. We are not talking here about interminable quarrels, long faces and loud discussion with the partner but simply about a clash that arises from interest and that generates opportunities for comparison. In short, the soul mate is not the one who always gives you reason but the one who encourages you to be better (and in turn tries to be better) makes you see the world from a new perspective, who takes you by the hand and leads you out of yours. comfort zone, while giving you support and support in every situation. You also recognize your soul mate from this: it fights by your side and generates a deep sense of gratitude in you. You know it's next to you and he is on your side, always and in any case, even if you are physically distant or if he does not fully agree with your specific choices.

Don't you need to pretend? Great sign!

When you feel perfectly at ease and you can show yourself just for who you are, it means that you are facing a man or a woman whom you can blindly trust. One of the most satisfying things about being with your soulmate is that you can't be just the way you are! This in fact means that there is esteem and respect among you: a person who tries to change you cannot be your soul mate.nor the love of your life! On the contrary, if you notice that he accepts and loves your flaws, not just your strengths, well open your eyes and don't run the risk of letting it slip away! Very often the soul mate is the one you feel deeply "friend". Even if you have been wrong sometimes, even if you have sometimes believed that it was the right person and then it turned out to be a bluff, the soul mate appears as evidence. No more questions are asked, no more wondering for hours and hours if he will call back, what he thinks of you or if he feels the same thing. It is evidently so! It simply presents, just like you, all the symptoms of falling in love!

Don't forget about yourself

Being two soul mates and recognizing each other also means not forgetting about yourself. Because only by loving and taking care of ourselves will we really be able to give love to another human being. If there is trust and respect between two people, there is no need to live in symbiosis 24 hours a day : you feel close even when you are not close to the right person! Your soul mate cannot be prey to unmotivated anxiety and jealousy. Clearly you are two different people and you probably have different lifestyles and different passions : do not cancel yourself to please the person you love but find the space to cultivate who you are !

It has the same goals as you

We now come to the most important point of all, the clue of clues. That detail that will really allow you to understand if you are facing your soul mate: you have the same vision of the future , your projects and goals for the following years are in short compatible and complementary. This is a great starting point for a happy future together! If you share important values and if you want the same things from life, neither of you will have to distort their vision for the other and this will give stability and strength to your relationship. Share core ideas and values. These values can be attachment to the family, the need for justice, fidelity (in love and friendship) or the desire for independence. In short, you share some pillars that make you who you are, whether you are aware of it or not. This does not mean that it will last forever and that that partner is "for life" sometimes the needs and life plans change, however it is these 5 clues are an excellent premise to start a path of growth in two and fall in love!

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