Accurate Horoscope for 4th November for each zodiac sign

Accurate Horoscope for 4th November for each zodiac sign
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News 🗓 Wednesday November 4 2020 👁 57

Read your free daily horoscope for November 4th. Know what are Today’s Predictions for your Zodiac Sign and How your day is going to be!

Mercury is already direct and that is the best news of this week because now, it is time to speak, communicate news, make decisions , sign contracts, resolve paperwork and procedures. The energy begins to move forward and in 2020 it resumes activities.


The horoscopes for November 2020 told us a bit about the following: Throughout the week, you will have more than one opportunity to express your ideas with other people, but being honest, work with a partner or partner is better for you. I deal one by one where you can exchange ideas. You're still on a streak of truly brilliant ideas, take advantage. Your siblings can bring out your feelings, positively or negatively.


Material or tangible things are more important to you these days, so choose well how you use your money and resources. Your work environment may feel busier than usual, as Mercury starts straight and the work to do reaches you.


Go ahead, Mercury is direct , it is time to express your feelings and be more affectionate with others. Just try to be careful with the way you communicate, avoid having very high expectations regarding the reaction that others may have in front of your show of affection or your words, because the moon is still in your sign and you are very sensitive.


The last few weeks you have been gathering information and news, but if you still lack a key piece, today is the day to look for it. If you like oracles, the next few days are very favorable for a reading where you can get answers that live in your unconscious mind and that sometimes, it is difficult to discover for yourself.


You are living a lunar transit that makes you more sociable and cheerful than usual, it is a start to the week in which you want to relax and share your free time in a group. If you are single, during the first days of November you can meet someone on a short trip or through a brother, neighbor or online. It is a week of reunions and reconciliations.


This is a good time to sit down with a calculator and your budget to do the numbers and go into the details of your project. It is an ideal week to develop a detailed plan and get your finances in order. Assess whether your goals really serve an important purpose for you, or if you are actually pursuing them from a place of lack.


Thanks to the fact that Mercury is already direct, this is a week in which you have much more communication with others, and you have no problems giving advice or talking with those around you. If you like to meditate, today is a very good day to find your personal nirvana and continue to develop your spiritual wisdom.


Now, if you had been waiting for retro Mercury to finish to make a radical decision that involves ending an important life cycle , this is the day. Pay attention to the ideas you have from your famous 'Scorpio' intuition, because during this transit you come up with the best ideas when you are alone or doing your research on your own.


The ideas that occur to you in those days tend to be less conventional, you are thinking of innovative solutions to the problems you have in front of you. Now with direct Mercury, the dialogues are reopened so today is a day to try to see things from the point of view of the others involved. Avoid asking for an opinion if you don't want to hear the truth.


November is a month that gives you downloads of creativity that you can take advantage of in your work or professional project, especially if you work on something related to the arts or beauty. Use these weeks to have a positive impact on someone important by using your diplomatic skills. It is a good day to adopt or connect with a pet.


You are living a very good time to go back to school or learn something new , even to study a new language or something related to other cultures and religions. Try to read or research something that excites you because daily responsibilities can cause you too much laziness or regret, today is a day when you prefer to play or laugh, rather than work .


With direct Mercury onset, you may feel very needy for affection, closeness, and emotional support, especially if the last few weeks have been tough for you. So try not to distance yourself too much from the world and talk about what you feel. Especially with those who love you. You may not have much to say, but these days your words have power so choose them wisely.

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