Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility Chart for Men and Women

Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility Chart for Men and Women
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Astrologers have long used the zodiac signs love compatibility horoscope as a tool with which they can tell you about the compatibility of different people with each other. This technology was born far in antiquity and so far has not been changed much, on the contrary only new tools have been added.

Compatibility Horoscope helps you find your chosen one or chosen one, understand his mood or motives for actions, resolve conflicts in communication, gives advice and recommendations.

Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility

We have compiled for you a collection of practical views on the love and relationship of signs, so that you can appreciate how these or those combinations behave in practice.

Aries Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Aries Men – Aries Women
Aries Men – Taurus Women
Aries Men – Gemini Women
Aries Men – Cancer Women
Aries Men – Leo Women
Aries Men – Virgo Women
Aries Men – Libra Women
Aries Men – Scorpio Women
Aries Men – Sagittarius Women
Aries Men – Capricorn Women
Aries Men – Aquarius Women
Aries Men – Pisces Women

Taurus Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Taurus Men – Aries Women
Taurus Men – Taurus Women
Taurus Men – Gemini Women
Taurus Men – Cancer Women
Taurus Men – Leo Women
Taurus Men – Virgo Women
Taurus Men – Libra Women
Taurus Men – Scorpio Women
Taurus Men – Sagittarius Women
Taurus Men – Capricorn Women
Taurus Men – Aquarius Women
Taurus Men – Pisces Women

Gemini Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Gemini Men – Aries Women
Gemini Men – Taurus Women
Gemini Men – Gemini Women
Gemini Men – Cancer Women
Gemini Men – Leo Women
Gemini Men – Virgo Women
Gemini Men – Libra Women
Gemini Men – Scorpio Women
Gemini Men – Sagittarius Women
Gemini Men – Capricorn Women
Gemini Men – Aquarius Women
Gemini Men – Pisces Women

Cancer Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Cancer Men – Aries Women
Cancer Men – Taurus Women
Cancer Men – Gemini Women
Cancer Men – Cancer Women
Cancer Men – Leo Women
Cancer Men – Virgo Women
Cancer Men – Libra Women
Cancer Men – Scorpio Women
Cancer Men – Sagittarius Women
Cancer Men – Capricorn Women
Cancer Men – Aquarius Women
Cancer Men – Pisces Women

Leo Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Leo Men – Aries Women
Leo Men – Taurus Women
Leo Men – Gemini Women
Leo Men – Cancer Women
Leo Men – Leo Women
Leo Men – Virgo Women
Leo Men – Libra Women
Leo Men – Scorpio Women
Leo Men – Sagittarius Women
Leo Men – Capricorn Women
Leo Men – Aquarius Women
Leo Men – Pisces Women

Virgo Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Virgo Men – Aries Women
Virgo Men – Taurus Women
Virgo Men – Gemini Women
Virgo Men – Cancer Women
Virgo Men – Leo Women
Virgo Men – Virgo Women
Virgo Men – Libra Women
Virgo Men – Scorpio Women
Virgo Men – Sagittarius Women
Virgo Men – Capricorn Women
Virgo Men – Aquarius Women
Virgo Men – Pisces Women

Libra Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Libra Men – Aries Women
Libra Men – Taurus Women
Libra Men – Gemini Women
Libra Men – Cancer Women
Libra Men – Leo Women
Libra Men – Virgo Women
Libra Men – Libra Women
Libra Men – Scorpio Women
Libra Men – Sagittarius Women
Libra Men – Capricorn Women
Libra Men – Aquarius Women
Libra Men – Pisces Women

Scorpio Men with Women Love Compatibility:

Scorpio Men – Aries Women
Scorpio Men – Taurus Women
Scorpio Men – Gemini Women
Scorpio Men – Cancer Women
Scorpio Men – Leo Women
Scorpio Men – Virgo Women
Scorpio Men – Libra Women
Scorpio Men – Scorpio Women
Scorpio Men – Sagittarius Women
Scorpio Men – Capricorn Women
Scorpio Men – Aquarius Women
Scorpio Men – Pisces Women

Sagittarius Men Zodiac Sign with Women Love Compatibility:

Sagittarius Men – Aries Women
Sagittarius Men – Taurus Women
Sagittarius Men – Gemini Women
Sagittarius Men – Cancer Women
Sagittarius Men – Leo Women
Sagittarius Men – Virgo Women
Sagittarius Men – Libra Women
Sagittarius Men – Scorpio Women
Sagittarius Men – Sagittarius Women
Sagittarius Men – Capricorn Women
Sagittarius Men – Aquarius Women
Sagittarius Men – Pisces Women

Capricorn Men Zodiac Sign with Women Love Compatibility:

Capricorn Men – Aries Women
Capricorn Men – Taurus Women
Capricorn Men – Gemini Women
Capricorn Men – Cancer Women
Capricorn Men – Leo Women
Capricorn Men – Virgo Women
Capricorn Men – Libra Women
Capricorn Men – Scorpio Women
Capricorn Men – Sagittarius Women
Capricorn Men – Capricorn Women
Capricorn Men – Aquarius Women
Capricorn Men – Pisces Women

Aquarius Men with Women Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility:

Aquarius Men – Aries Women
Aquarius Men – Taurus Women
Aquarius Men – Gemini Women
Aquarius Men – Cancer Women
Aquarius Men – Leo Women
Aquarius Men – Virgo Women
Aquarius Men – Libra Women
Aquarius Men – Scorpio Women
Aquarius Men – Sagittarius Women
Aquarius Men – Capricorn Women
Aquarius Men – Aquarius Women
Aquarius Men – Pisces Women

Pisces Men with Women Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility:

Pisces Men – Aries Women
Pisces Men – Taurus Women
Pisces Men – Gemini Women
Pisces Men – Cancer Women
Pisces Men – Leo Women
Pisces Men – Virgo Women
Pisces Men – Libra Women
Pisces Men – Scorpio Women
Pisces Men – Sagittarius Women
Pisces Men – Capricorn Women
Pisces Men – Aquarius Women
Pisces Men – Pisces Women

About your choice

The problem of choosing a future husband or wife is not so unimportant, and everyone who is faced with such a choice is trying to understand whether the chosen one is suitable for him or not. At such moments, everyone needs help, but the opinions of friends are often subjective and cannot be considered true.

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